Locating Candidate Comments

May 24, 2005


Earlier this year Prov launched a transaction whereby you could locate candidate comments by using the exam Key or serial number.  Prov has now enhanced this process by also allowing you to locate comments by candidates. 


1.    To access comments for a specific candidate, go to the menu found under CANDIDATES, ACCESS ALL RECORDS.

2.    Enter the candidate information (i.e. candidate ID, first or last name, or any other testing information).

3.    Press GENERATE LIST.

4.    Select the candidate testing record for which you wish to retrieve comments, and press the VIEW 701 COMMENTS button located at the bottom of the screen.

5.    If the particular testing record you are seeking has a comment associated, ArkivTM will open a new tab and will present the comment information.



6.    If the particular testing record DOES NOT have a comment associated, ArkivTM will display a note in the field to the left the candidate's name indicate that there were no comments associated with the testing record.