Streamlined Ordering

May 24, 2005

Prov has modified the ordering process to make placing orders a little easier.  Each of the screens has been relabled as follows:

Step 1: Select Account

Step 2 : Select Exams

Step 3: Submit Order

While the process is essentially the same as before, there are a couple of minor changes you will notice.

1.    Selecting accounts from a drop-down list.  You will be able either start typing the name of the account you wish to select or press the arrow to the right of the Account Name field in order to select the ordering account.


2.    The NEXT STEP button replaces several other buttons located at the bottom of the screen.

3.    The page upon which you select your assessments has changed to the following.

4.  You select the Assessment name and Type and then enter the number of exam copies you wish to order.  You can continue to add more assessments to your order by pressing the ADD link above the ordering grid.  When complete, you press the NEXT STEP button.

5.  The final change is that the default date for requesting an order be delivered is Today's date plus three days for orders requiring paper/pencil delivery.  If you use the default date, there are no extra charges.  If you still wish to change the ordering date to expedite the order, contact NCCER and make arrangements.

Please let us know if you encounter any difficulties in placing orders or if you have any recommendations that would make the ordering process more convenient.